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Updated Guide on Whey Protein

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Whey Protein:

Whey Protein is commonly known health supplement and gives effective result while consumed in controlled manner. During intense workout and exercises our muscles tissues got damages and need quick repair.

WP consists of amino acids which helps in rebuilding the muscles tissues and increase the muscle size. Whey Protein also helps in building immunity power, increase stamina. WP health supplements are ready source of rich and pure protein and give quick results however it should be taken in controlled manner.

Content of Whey Protein



Different Stages of Whey Protein




different Stages of Whey Protein 2

Following are the benefits of Whey Protein:


  1. It helps in building big muscles.
  2. It helps in repairing mussels tissues.
  3. It gives good stamina.
  4. It helps in building good immunity power.



Benifits of Whey Protein

Different Types of Whey Protein:

Based on Processing, protein amount, Fat and lactose content different types of whey Proteins are classified. In whole milk only 13% solid is available and in 13% solid only 27% protein is available.  Further, in 27 % only 20% whey Protein is available. This 20 % of Whey Protein in further processed and categorized into following categories:


Whey Protein Concentrate:

It is the first level of WP which further divided into two categories based on WP amount.

Lower End WPC:

This type of WP concentrate contains only 29% of WP in it. Due to lower value of WP and higher value of fat and lactose this type of WPC normally not suitable as health supplement.

Higher End WPC:

This type of WPC contains 89% of WP. As it contains more % of WP so it is best suited as health supplements.


Whey Protein Isolate:

Whey Protein Isolate is purest form of protein and contain up to 90 % of Protein. It processed further to remove the fat and give you purest form of protein by definition. If you compare Whey Protein Isolate and whey Protein concentrate then in Whey Protein Isolate you’ll get less fat and lactose and more protein. Due to its processing, Whey Protein Isolate is more expensive. To Process whey concentrate to get the isolate, different companies are having their own processing method based on that only quality of whey is decided.

Whey Protein Hydrolysate :

Hydrolysate protein is another refined form of protein after Whey Isolate. It is purest form of Protein available. Hydrolysate Proteins are easy to digest and give more insulin as compare to Whey concentrate and isolate (28% more). Studies show that insulin is more effective in pushing fuel into body muscles. Insulin is also helps in effective workout sessions. As Hydrolysate Protein is easy to digest so it gives more benefits in muscle building.


Types of Whey Protein

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