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Head YouTek Graphene Speed s Tennis Racquet Review

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About Head YouTek Graphene Speed s Tennis Racquet:
Head YouTek Graphene Speed S is new racket added by HEAD. It is developed with latest material technology known as Graphene and consists some of the innovative Racquet technologies.
It is a light weight tennis racquet (286 Gms) while its flex is quite high (68) with head size of 100 Sq Inch. With 22 mm beam and 314 swing weight , HEAD Youtek Speed S is suitable for player who really wants fuller swings. It is a spin friendly racket (16 X 19 Open string Pattern) which will provide you true pleasure of Tennis game.
Head YouTek Graphene speed s

Head YouTek Graphene speed s

YouTek Graphene speed s Response from Baseline:
During Baseline play , Speed S will provide you following characteristics:
•Its marginal extra weight on head stabilizes the frame during intense ball hits and in off centre hits.  Due to this , player can effectively place the shots from baseline with more control and power.
•16X 19 string pattern gives excellent feel and spin from baseline.
•More flex of racket frame from top of the frame (Due to narrow beamed frame) however its manageable and holds good during shot delivery.
Head YouTek Graphene speed s Tennis Racquet Review

Head YouTek Graphene speed s Tennis Racquet Review

YouTek Graphene speed s Response at Net and Serving:
Due to its stiff and head heavy frame players will find hard time during soft touch shots however Thanks to Graphene technology which enables Speed S to flex in optimum way in order to deliver perfect shots on net.
•Little Sluggish on Net, however its depends on playing style also.
•Graphene Technology helps in delivering nice shots at Net.
•Due to proper distribution of weight on handle and frame , Speed S gives super power on serves. It  also provide you noticeable spin on slice and kick serves.
Head YouTek Graphene speed s Tennis Racquet Review -2

Head YouTek Graphene speed s Tennis Racquet Review -2

About Graphene Technology:
Graphene is worlds lightest and strongest material & HEAD is used it first time in Tennis Racquet design and developed.
With Graphene HEAD is able to achieve the extraordinary performance by properly distributing its weight on racket head and its shaft. With Graphene , Tennis Players will get light weight racket while its strong behaviour will give you solid feel.
Due to Graphene, HEAD is able to produce the lighter weight shaft. The amount saved in light weight shaft utilized effectively in most important part of racquet .i.e. racquet shaft and Racquet handle. By adopting this approach , HEAD is manage the dynamics of racquet effectively and it results into better racquet swing weight and increased power.


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