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Excel your playing style with Head Youtek Graphene Speed Racquets

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Strong is the Key:
Tennis Racquet Manufactures are always searching lightweight material for developing the racket frame and shaft. At very early stage of racket design and development , manufactures used lightweight material in racket frame and shaft. But lightweight material create problems in racket stability. So it is important to made racket lightweight as well as strong to sustain the high intense ball impact.
Head invent Graphene material for tennis rackets . Graphene is world strongest material (it is 200 times more stronger then steel). By using grapheme in racket frame , HEAD reduces the overall weight of rackets significantly. Also Graphene gives following benefits over traditional materials:
1.Graphene improve the Racket swing weight
2.It’s give more power
3.More maneuverable
4.Stable Racket
Head YouTek Graphene Tennis Racquets

Head YouTek Graphene Tennis Racquets

HEAD developed different Tennis Rackets on Graphene technology.
Following are the key types of HEAD Tennis rackets with Graphene.
Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro:
Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro is the choice of Novak Djokovic and it is the improve version of IG speed 18X20. It consists a very tight string pattern which will give you destructive power on shots while you can place shot shots with pin point accuracy. Players can effectively hit the powerful shots from baseline. While it consists of tight string pattern , players can take the benefits of improved spin from YouTek Graphene Speed Pro.
It is a lightweight tennis racket, so players can take the benefits of fast racket manoeuvrability. Player can easily access the high swing speed.
More weight on racket head will give more power on shots while more mass on handle will give controlled torque. Improved features like STD. Length , strong weight , Heavy head balance. This racquet is suitable for aggressive and advance Tennis players.
Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro

Head YouTek Graphene Speed Pro

Head YOUTEK Graphene Speed MP is suitable for advance tennis players. It is an updated version of IG speed MP. Developed with graphene material which give lightweight but strong racquet configuration. With balance distribution of Graphene at racket frame and handle, Speed MP will give you more power and control on shots and stable racket frame.
With open  16 X 19 string pattern , player will get fast swing and heavy spin on baseline shots.
This racket will satisfy needs of aggressive and fast tennis game of modern days.
While racket will give you solid performance on baseline , at the same time it’ll deliver impressive performance on net. With great maneuverable performance , players will get more stable volleys and easily power translation during serves.
Finally Tennis player will get all-round performance with precisely controlled shots , spin and power in order to dominate in the game.
Head YouTek Graphene Speed MP

Head YouTek Graphene Speed MP


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