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Complete Guide on Table Tennis Rackets & Table Tennis Blades

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Choosing the perfect Table Tennis Racket is a important decision as it can impact player overall performance. Properly selected racket can complement the player performance while a wrongly selected racket can create the performance issues. With the help of this guide , Table Tennis player can effectively select the racket as per there playing style and game need.

Consider following important step while you select the tennis rackets:

Point 01 –  Check Your Playing style:

Players need to check the playing style and should analyze the stroke to finalize the racket type. Typically , if a player need more control and slow speed then he or she needs to select the fewer number of plies in blade.  Less Number of  plies on racket blade will give you more flexibility and eventual more control on shots.

Table Tennis Racket Plies Type

Table Tennis Racket Plies Type

Table Tennis Racket Bacis

Table Tennis Racket Bacis

Point 02 –  Check If you need different Rubber blade faces:

Rubber types and its characteristics can impact on  ball speed , placement and its swing. Players need to check if they want same rubber on both side or different types of rubbers on different side. Different rubber can give you extra benefits to add more variant on shots but at the same time it requires lots of expertise to handle the different rubber characteristics.Players need to see the comfort level and then go for options.

Table Tennis Racket Rubber Types

Table Tennis Racket Rubber Types

Point 03 – Check the Thickness of Rubber:

Thickness of rubber is directly impact the speed and control. Small thickness of rubber sponge  will give you more control over shots while thicker rubber will give you more speedy shots but you need to compromise on control.Player need to carefully select the thickness , an intermediate thickness would be a great option for beginners to start the game.

Table Tennis Racket Rubber Types 2

Table Tennis Racket Rubber Types 2

Point 04- Rubber Characteristics:

Rubber characteristics impact ball spin as rubber faces the direct impact of balls. Based on  Table Tennis ball behavior on Table Tennis blade , Player need to select the racket. Player with offensive playing style should chose the rubber with some amount of sticky action. With sticky action of ball on rubber will provide more spin. On the other hand , defensive player need to select the rubber with less spin in order to get more control on shots.

Table Tennis Racket Rubber Characteristics

Table Tennis Racket Rubber Characteristics

Point 05- Handle and Grip:

Handle of Table Tennis Racket plays key role in overall performance. Different types of handle are (1) Flared Handle  (2) Straight Handle . To deliver better forehand shots , flared handle is most common choice of player while straight handle is preferred for backhand shots. But player needs to also check the comfort level with handle.

Table Tennis Racket Handle Type

Table Tennis Racket Handle Type

These are the basic but effective steps for table tennis player needs to consider before he or she go for Table Tennis Rackets shopping.

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