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Detail Guide on YONEX Nylon Shuttlecock – YONEX MAVIS Series

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We have recently posted article on Nylon Vs Feather shuttlecock and concluded that Nylon shuttle are the economical option for daily practice and training sessions. Nylon shuttles are good for average badminton players to do daily practice. However , professional badminton player on other hand use feather shuttles to maintain the better timing and shuttle coordination.
In this article we shall discuss the technical details of YONEX MAVIS Badminton Shuttlecock. As Nylon shuttlecocks takes less initial speed and higher declaration end ,this flight characteristics of Nylon shuttle is not same as feather shuttlecock and sometimes disturb the badminton player.  YONEX MAVIS series of Nylon shuttlecocks are designed to give best performance which is close to feather shuttle thus provides you better shuttle experience (Like feather shuttle ) on price of Nylon shuttle.
Following are the Key Benefits of YONEX Mavis Series of Nylon Shuttlecock:
•Economical and durable Shuttlecock performance.
•Best Shuttle Flight and Characteristics (Close to Feather Shuttle).
•Better Flight pattern (Better then other Nylon shuttles and close to feather shuttlecocks).
•YONEX Mavis shuttlecock recovers in .02 secs (This fast shuttle recovery is better then other brand (.008 sec faster) , while its only .005 sec slower then feather shuttlecock)
Flight Pattern of YONEX Mavis Shuttlecock
Recovery time of YONEX Mavis Shuttlecock
Recovery time of other brand shuttlecock
YONEX Mavis series is available in different options:
Based on the playing condition and environments , Nylon shuttle performance changes drastically. When Badminton players use the shuttlecock in cold condition then shuttle skirt become hard and thus chances of shuttle skirt damage increase significantly. While on hot condition shuttle skirt become soft and expand more during shuttle hitting. More skirt expand result into more drag force and slow the speed of shuttle.
So by observing different behavior of nylon shuttlecock in different playing condition  YONEX has designed 3 variants of  Mavis shuttle:
Playing Condition of YONEX Mavis Shuttlecock
YONEX Mavis Shuttlecock Options
•MAVIS Green

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