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New and Informative Badminton Community in India | Badminton Dil Se |

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Badminton in India looks strange as Cricket is predominantly close on sports loving audition. While cricket is most popular sports in India , Badminton is also emerging as most favorite game in India. Saina Nehwal , P Sandhu , P Kashyap are the emerging India Badminton players and young Indian generation have lots of hope from them. With the success of Indian Badminton League , Indian Badminton community is feeling new energy and excitement and its giving hope to aspried badminton player to  see great carrier ahead in Badminton.
In order to grow the badminton lots of inputs are required like proper training , Right talent , Badminton equipment , court and information flow.
Indian government are doing well in terms of Badminton court while Badminton academies like Gopichand Badminton Academy are doing there best to groom the right talent.
But still few points are still unanswered on information flow for small town badminton players:
•How to motivate the players from small towns.
•To equipped players of small town  with latest badminton equipment technology (Like what are the latest Badminton Racket Technology , Badminton Racket Information ).
•How to groom them with badminton skills as they don’t have proper resources.
The answer of these questions is a community where Badminton Players from Indian and other countries can join connect together and share the ideas, training drills , best practice ect in order to server a common cause .i.e the promote the Badminton Game.
Badminton Dil Se – True Indian Badminton Community is the first set in this direction. It is an Indian Badminton Community design to help the aspired –professional and entry level badminton player with the help of social media technology. With new initiatives like (ask to serve , Badminton Technical details ) this community will give multi-direction benefits to Badminton players in India.
So don’t wait , join now and Enjoy the True Badminton Dil Se.
Some of the Work of Badminton Dil Se Community :
Ask to Serve
India Badminton Community , Badminton in India , Badminton game in India
Badminton Dil Se Infographic Work:
Badminton Champion Le CHong wei talking to sachin

Badminton Champion Le CHong wei talking to sachin

How to Serve In Badminton Game , Badminton Game Service

How to Serve In Badminton Game

Badminton Backhand King

Badminton Backhand King


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