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Secret Behind the Deadly Power of YONEX Armortec 900 Power

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YONEX Armortec 900 power is belong to Armortec series of YONEX. This series is currently discontinue by YONEX Badminton and replaced by YONEX Voltric series. While this series is discontinued but still lots of traditional badminton player love to play with Armortec 900 power.  AT 900 Power is very powerful racket which generate immense power on smashes.
Traditionally it is established that if a racket is build with Head heavy configuration then player will feel sluggishness in maneuverability. But AT 900 Power is designed to deliver the powerful racket smashes and fast racket maneuverability together and that’s why this racket is still very close of many badminton players. AT 900 Power racket had been used by Worlds number one badminton player Li Chung Wi for quite al long time. This racket consist of extra stiff shaft which give extra power in badminton smashes. While with advance technology like Power Armor System ,badminton player can effectively handle the shuttle near to net.
YONEX Armortec 900 power Badminton Racket
YONEX Armortec 900 power Badminton Racket
About Racket Specification:
This racket falls in  head heavy category with extra stiff racket Flex to give more power. Weight of the racket is around 80-84.9 and grip size is G4. Its come in fire Red color with colorful graphics. Color combination and its graphics looks good and suit its characteristics (.i.e. powerful badminton Racket)  . Frame of the racket is developed with HM Graphite , Micro TI and Nonoscale Elastic Ti  while shaft is developed with HM Graphite and Nonoscale TI.
Wight :  80-84.9
Grip Size : G4
Shaft Material : H.M. Graphite
Frame Material :Ultra H.M. Graphite , Micro Ti , Nanoscale Elastic Ti
Color :Fire Red
Other Features and USP (Unique Selling Points):
Armortec Mean Power:
This racket is devolved to give more & More power on Badminton smashes. With “Power Armor” Technology, AT 900 power gives super frame righty and flex which eventually results into destructive power every time when shuttle hits the racket.
YONEX Armortec 900 power at Khelmart
YONEX Armortec 900 power at Khelmart
More Stability:
Frame design plays key role in racket stability . YONEX Armortec 900 Power frame consists of reduce cross section on top side of frame which gives 3% more racket Stability and increase the racket performance. Due to more stability in frame , player can accurately place the shuttle in opponent badminton court.
More power without compromising the speed:
Power Armor is a breakthrough technology and it breaks the traditional badminton rule of compromising of speed for power. Power Armor provides extra power while players can quickly adjust the racket after delivering the shots. With this , players will get extra opportunities to dominate in the game and win the long rallies.
More Speed:
The graphite and gForce Ti hybrid construction at Racket frame gives unique frame characteristics which give 4% more racket speed. With 4 % increase in speed and extra power , Badminton player can accurately place the 3rd line backhand shots.
Final Verdict:
Armortec 900 power Badminton Racket is very powerful badminton rackets and it is suitable for aggressive badminton players. Armortec Series is already obsolete from YONEX catalog but still this racket is first choice on many professional player due to its destructive power. Its extra weight on top of the racket would not compromise the fast drop shots and quick rallies but it will allow you to pay freely on both side of court.



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