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HEAD Tennis Racquet –Graphene | New Dimension for Racquet Weight Distribution

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HEAD, the leading brand in Tennis equipments manufacturing and Innovation introduces the new Tennis racquets series Equipped with Graphene. HEAD tennis racquets with Graphene gives new feel and racquet maneuverability.
Head Tennis Racquets at khelmart with Graphene technology are detailed with images and super easy contents which will give different experience. This post will help in explaining the concept of Head Graphene Technology with its benefits.
What is Graphene:
HEAD Tennis Racquet Technology - Graphene-2
HEAD Tennis Racquet Technology – Graphene-2
HEAD introduces the Graphene  material technology into Tennis racquets. Graphene is the world strongest & lightest material Available. Its breaking strength is 200 times greater then steel & it is very lighter in weight. Graphene technology provides extraordinary properties to tennis racquets and improves its performance. Graphene is discovered in 2004 and its consist of carbon atoms with single 2D layers.
With extraordinary properties ( stronger and lighter) Graphene provides opportunities to make revolutionary tennis racquet but its all depends how manufacture is using it . With Graphene , HEAD redistributed the weight of racquet. HEAD used Graphene at shaft to reduce the weight where functionally it dose not add any value . Reduced weight is moved towards the racquet top and handle side. This redistribution of weight toward top and handle of the racquets provide super easy maneuverability  and perfect racquet swing. Graphene provides excellent handling of Tennis Racquets and players can quickly move Racquet from one position
to another position.
HEAD Tennis Racquet Technology - Graphene
HEAD Tennis Racquet Technology – Graphene
Benefits of Graphene :
•More Stable Racquet Feel.
•Better Maneuverability
•Better Racquet Swing
•Powerful and Accurate Shot Delivery
Combination with YOUTEK:
YouTek with D3o give superb material property to racquet. With D3o, when ball hits the spring bed then its observe the impact load and  quickly adjust the molecular to make stiffer racquet while during drop shots its give softer feel. The Combination of  YouTek and Graphene give extraordinary Tennis Racquet feel.



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