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Ready to explore the technology behind the Head Tennis Racquets? In this Post , technologies like Head Flexpoint and NANO Ti  (NANO Titanium) will be explain with technical illustrations. These Technologies are designed to deliver best in class Tennis racquet performance.
HEAD Flexpoint Tennis Racquets Technology:
Controlling Power and direction of shots in an important factor in Tennis game. In tradition racquets , due to normally or spontaneous bending action of racquet frame , it is difficult to control the power of shots. Due of tradition bending action , players observed power loss and less control on tennis shots.
To overcome this problem, head introduces new technology known as Flexpoint (Liquidmetal ). Flexpoint ensures the control bending of tennis racquet frame and give precise control over shots.
HEAD Tennis Racquets Flexpoint Technology
HEAD Tennis Racquets Flexpoint Technology
In Flexpoint Technology , Two scientifically designed holes are positioned at 3 and 9 o’clock on racquet frame. (HOLE + DIMPLE = FLEXPOINT TECHNOLOGY). These holes ensure proper stress concentration and give the concave bending to Tennis Racquets which eventually deliver powerful shots with super precise control. With Flexpoint , Racquet observed more flexibility while reduction in beam height can be achieved by 25%.Due to hole, section Flexibility is increased by 50 %.
HEAD Tennis Racquets Flexpoint Technology -1
HEAD Tennis Racquets Flexpoint Technology -1
In Head NANO TI , Racquet material structure at molecular level is integrated with NANO Material. NANO material integration With frame molecules gives stronger and stiffer racquet frame. With NANO material , racquet become stronger , Stable and generates more power.
AWT (Air Wing Technology):
In this technology , Head introduces the aerodynamic frame concept wherein cross section of frame is designed to generate minimum air resistance. As air resistance is minimum, thus player will get more racquet swing and eventually faster backhand and forehand shots.
HEAD Tennis Racquets Flexpoint Technology -1
HEAD Tennis Racquets Flexpoint Technology -1
IFD (Integrated Frame Design):
Handling vibration is very critical during racquet design , When ball impacts on string bed then based on impact magnitude resultant vibration generates on frame. If generated vibration transfer to players hand then it can cause serious wrist and arm injuries. To overcome this problem, Head used IFD technique in NANO TI Racquets . IFD uses rubber layer between the bridge and frame to absorb the vibration cause by ball impact and thus Reduces / Eliminates the chances of arm injuries.
Tennis Players are always looking for best racquets which suits there style and improve the performance. HEAD tennis rackets at khelmart , gives different option of Flexpoint and NANO TI Racquets with competitive price. With Detail product information and properties , player will get clear idea of Tennis Racquets specification and its technology.

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