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Slazenger Cricket Bat V100 – New Technology in 2013

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Slazenger Cricket bats are used by international cricketers like Eion Morgon , Jacques Kallis , Jonny Bairstow and many other cricket player because of its technology, quality and consistence product performance. Due to growing need  of these bats , added extensive range of Slazenger English willow cricket bats to fulfil the gap of demand and supply in India cricket community. While supplying the quality cricket bats is one objective but at same time as per driving factor of KQS (Khelmart Quality System) we are committed to deliver best in class and authentic information to cricket fans.
Slazenge Cricket Bats - Details
Slazenge Cricket Bats – Details
Slazenger uses advance technology and bat design concept to manufacture the cricket bats and results of the same emerged in Sate of Art run machine in cricketers hand. In this post we shall discuss about technology behind the Slazenger V100 cricket bat.
Slazenger V100 is new Cricket bat and one of the most popular model in Slazenger cricket bat series. This bat is develop for those player who want to play all round cricketing shots like drive ,pull , manipulated and big hits. This bat is made of light weight English willow to give flexibility and power to cricketers. V100 is made of hand selected English willow and it is being manufactured by skilled operators of Slazenger factory. It consists of enhanced bat profile with concave craft spine.  Concave profile provide maximum bat edge thickness.
Slazenge Cricket Bats
Slazenge Cricket Bats
Edge of V100 Cricket bat is known as TAS (Torsioned and Sprun).TAS Edge profile is a patented technology by Slazenger  cricket. TAS inserts are basically specialized material strip inserted precisely into edge of bat to give advance feel and power. Toe of the Bat is kept in tapered shape which gives superior stance position and willow weight distribution.
Slazenger V 100 Cricket Bats
Slazenger V 100 Cricket Bats
Round and flat face of V100 bat will give you powerful performance. Newly developed octopus grip (Advance upper grip and extra cushioning on bottom hand) is design to win the confidence of batsman while it will provide exceptional feeling.
Slazenger Cricket Bat V100 is available with pre knocked condition and special designed toe guard which will ensure the long life of bat.
Ciecket Player in India can buy the Slazenger V100 Cricket Bats at Khelmart.

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  1. Great info, nice looking bat too.

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