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World Fastest Smash with Badminton Racket –Yonex Nanoray Z Speed

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Once again Yonex registered the fastest Badminton Smash .i.e. a speed of 493 Km/Hr.  In year 2010, YONEX also registered the world faster smash .i.e. 421 km/hr. For making record of 493 km/hr , YONEX reinvent the racket and change the philosophy of racket design. The results of same is emerged as YONEX NANORAY Z-Speed. This record is secured name in Guinness book of world record. This racket will launched by Yonex on 13th-Sept-13. Players in India can buy this badminton racket at
Yonex Badminton Rackets Nanoray z Speed
Yonex Badminton Rackets Nanoray z Speed
New technology Behind the YONEX NANORAY Z Speed:
YONEX used new technology in this racket called as SBZ (Snap Back Zone). In this technology Yonex has developed  the unique frame design which consists of thinner frame section at midway at either side of racket head. Yonex used EX-HMG material in racket which is most elastic material used in racket ever. With the help of EX-HMG, Player can performs extraordinary on court as racket frame flex on impact and convert the impact energy into super power badminton shot.
Horizontal A Concept:
YONEX first time used the concept call Horizontal A . In this concept , 4 horizontal string is placed as straight through frame grommets. This special grommet patters give smooth movement of string through grommets and thus provide enhanced flex. It is also give enlarged sweet spot and enable players to deliver powerful shots even from off-centre shuttle contact.
Faster Badminton Rackets Smash
Faster Badminton Rackets Smash
Faster Badminton Rackets Smash Increased by 10 per
Faster Badminton Rackets Smash Increased by 10 per
New and Improved Sonic Metal:
Sonic metal is advance metal which is very stiff  as compare to other materials. Sonic metal Is place on lower frame to maximize the snap back effort.
Super Fast Racket Swing speed:
In Yonex Nanoray Z speed , company emphasized on racket speed and it can only be possible with the help of advance technology like new and innovative frame design , very thin racket shaft , out of box racket materials like NANOMETIRC & X- Fullerene.
Racket Specification:
Flex of racket : stiff
Shaft : HM Graphite, NANOMETRIC
Wight and Grip Size : 2 U –G 4.5  /  3U – G 4.5
String Tension : 2U (20-28 lbs) / 3U (20-27 lbs)
Colour : High Orange
Yonex Nanoray Z speed
Yonex Nanoray Z speed
This Badminton Racket will be manufactured from Japan.
After its release khelmart team will test the racket update its review. Badminton Player can check other yonex badminton rackets at

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