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Yonex Badminton Shoes –SHB Series – Feel Better and Empowered

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Shoes are important for badminton player not only because it provides the additional advantage on court but it also gives different looks to a player. When its subject of badminton footwear then YONEX brand emerged as no.1  and lots of  player love to play with YONEX badminton shoes as its provide comfort and great movement on court.
YONEX SHB badminton series gives followings benefits over other shoes:
  1. SHB series gives 10 % minimum muscle fatigue as compare to other shoes.
  2.  SHB series is 1/10 material weight.
  3. Shock and impact are two critical factors during badminton play and it can harm the player.
  4. To avoid this YONEX SHB reduces the shock impact by 1.3 X.
Yonex Badminton Shoes SHB Series
Yonex Badminton Shoes SHB Series
• SHB Series gives 3X times more repulsion by which player can move faster in court.
These parameters are claimed by YONEX Japan with the help of following technologies:
Power Cushion -3 Layers , ToughBird Light , Round Sole , Power Graphite , Syncro Fit Sole , Quattro Fit , Outsole Structure , Hexa Grip , Lateral Claw , Lateral Shell , Dura Skin.
The Material used in shoes (SHB Series )  are P.U Leather , Polyester Mesh ,Dura Skin (Upper Sole) ,Toughbird Light (Middle Sole) ,Rubber ( Outside Sole ).
While technologies mentioned above contribute in making this series of shoes extraordinary but here we would like to elaborate the Power Cushion 3 in detail.
Power Cushion 3 Layer consist of 3 layer protection , Hard top & bottom and soft middle player. Hard Top & bottom layer absorb 30% more shock while soft middle layer work as perfect cushion and retain original position quickly during shock. As middle layer works as cushion so its provide spring action which convert shock energy into power.
 As a concluding note we can say that Yonex SHB series is very popular and developed with new technologies which justify the cost of shoes.
Badminton Players can see the complete range of Yonex Badminton Shoes at

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