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New and Innovative Interface for Comparing the Cricket Bats

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Khelmart developed the new and innovative interface for comparing the cricket bats of various brands like SS Cricket, SG Cricket, Puma Cricket, SF Cricket, Kookaburra Cricket, GM Cricket, and Slazenger Cricket.

This Interface compare the critical cricket bats parameter like weight, Handle Type, Willow Type, Body features etc in single window interface.

Khelmart invested more then 1 month time to collect the statistics and data to finalize the formants and design of interface.

With the help of this interface, Cricket lovers can better compare the product online and take the intelligent design to buy the bats online.

Followings are the snipped and direct link to the interfaces.

Slazenger Bats Comparison

Slazenger Cricket Bats Comparison.
Slazenger Bats Comparison. Khelmart

BDM Bats Comparison

BDM Cricket Bats Comparison.
BDM Bats Comparison.

SG Bats Comparison

SG Cricket Bats Comparison.
SG Bats Comparison.

SS Bats Comparison

SS Cricket Bats Comparison.
SS Bats Comparison.

SF Bats Comparison

SF Cricket Bats Comparison.
SF Bats Comparison.

Puma Bats Comparison

Puma Cricket Bats Comparison.
Puma Bats Comparison.

Kookaburra Bats Comparison

kookaburra Cricket Bats Comparison.
kookaburra Bats Comparison.

This interface categorizes the different brand bats in different pages so that user can select them accordingly. We are developing the similar interfaces for Tennis and Nutrition products as it is very important to compare the product before you go for shopping.

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