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Side effects of whey protein


Although consuming high amount of a good thing may have its side effects, scientific evidence proved that there are having serious side effects to whey protein if someone taken excessively. Milk and milk product contain lactose and many people cannot digest milk products easily thus,  these people can suffer from lactose intolerance. People who are lactose intolerance get allergic reactions after taking excessive amount of whey. To remove or decrease fat & lactose two forms of protein were develop which is whey protein isolates and Hydrolysates. These whey proteins does not contain any lactose and hence it helps to minimize any harmful allergic reactions.
For a long time ingestion of protein is linked to the wear and tear of the kidneys. Taking large quantities of protein supplement can cause kidneys damage. Those people who already have severe kidney disease are suggested not to consume a high level of protein diet because it may be effect to their kidneys
Taking whey protein regularly or high dose may cause liver damage.
Lastly, over consumptions of protein is lead to osteoporosis or bone weakness.
Taking high quantities of protein leads to an unevenness of bone minerals in the bones, which ultimately can cause a reduction in bone mineral density.
Hence consumption of high amount of whey protein should be avoided. Many bodybuilders who want body muscle take optimum quantity of whey protein and it should be discussed with doctor or consultant before starting taking the whey protein.

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