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Innovation in Badminton Rackets Technologies

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Badminton Rackets  as we know them today are durable, lighter and stronger than what they used to be afew years ago. Technology has made a huge leap over the years, and this has benefited all kinds of sports. Perhaps the biggest breakthrough has come in the form of Nano technology which make use of carbon, titanium and a host of other materials that are present in the shaft and hand of the racket. The specialty of these materials is that they add firmness, stability and power without increasing the weight. You may purchase badminton Rackets online from online providers like

Badminton Rackets

Badminton Rackets

As mentioned, Nano-technology rackets are more durable and powerful thus making them the best choice for badminton players. Some racket models have carbon graphite shaft and alloy head frame that makes them sturdy and lightweight similar to high-end rackets. These rackets have a thin frame that helps in easy racket maneuverability. Badminton rackets with Nano- technology are highly preferred by players looking for winning performance.

You can go for the improved rackets and wear badminton shoes when playing the game. The aerodynamic frames of the rackets help in reducing the air resistance and helps players swing the racket swiftly in the air, with high speed. The amount of balance and flexibility of the racket can vary between one racket model and another. There are different manufacturers of badminton rackets and each of them uses a distinctive technology. The competition is to constantly upgrade the technology and land with pioneering sports goods. Yonex is the leading name when it comes to making nano technology rackets and doing constant upgrades.

If the racket is of improved technology, they will give high performance and can help the player handle the badminton shuttle cock in a better way. Badminton, as it is played today, involves a lot of power and speed, but then what is perhaps more important is the control. Power comes with control and this is why players must get the right balance of power and control. This is why manufacturers prefer stiffer frames that help them have a better control. It also influences the way in which the player can make the shaft flexible upon impact. The materials of the racket add to better grip.

As for the badminton strings, these have been improved too to add better dimension to the modern game. It creates a more solid base for hitting and adds a complete amount of control. Modern materials offer additional strength that permits better string tension. Earlier, there would be distortions in the head of the racket and it would fracture as the tension grew. Simply, the tension was too much for the racket to endure. With latest innovations, the badminton rackets that are manufactured today are better equipped to withstand the tension when it is hit. offers technologically improved badminton rackets for superb performance. Here you can buy Yonex nano speed badminton rackets online, Yonex badminton shoes, Yonex badminton strings, Yonex badminton shuttle cocks and much more.

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